Reflections on 2018: A New Journey Begins

Air Force Seal
Air Force Seal

Ah, the entrepreneurial road is a long and bumpy one…my grand plan to ramp up Traughber Design at the end of calendar year 2018 did not survive first contact with the enemy.  As I’ve written about before, Mrs Woodworker and I are winding down a 30 year military career, while continuing to ramp up this business (see post Why Did I Write This Blog About Woodworking and Entrepreneurship).  The community has been very supportive and we’ve had at least half a dozen requests for work in the past few months, BUT life had other ideas.  We were a little short-handed at the unit in 2018 so I had been working a double load which meant very little, to zero wood shop time : (  It has been a mad sprint to complete everything required for military retirement.  I’ll write about that transition soon.

We did; however, have 5 commissions in 2018 and broke even, which is a pretty good result in my book given that we essentially closed the shop in the second half of the year and turned down about a half dozen commissions.

Never fear, this month we will be able to pursue entrepreneurship full time AND we will be looking for another property, ideally one with a  heated shop.  Doing finishing work on wood has proven to be a challenge in the current shop which is in our garage.  If we want to operate 24/7 in all conditions, we need a climate controlled shop.  For example, today it’s 12 degrees outside this morning.  Brrrrr!  I still plan to bundle up and try to gut out at least an hour in the shop, but could do more work if the shop were heated.  Not to worry, if it’s one thing that woodworking teaches you, it’s patience!

We hope you had a stellar 2018 and are off and running on your 2019 resolutions!

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