Product Review: Lumber Rack by Bob from I Like to Make Stuff

We just finished making Bob’s (from I Like to Make Stuff) lumber rack which we found on YouTube a short time ago (click here to see the video).  We were looking for a simple rack that holds a lot of lumber and is easy to move.  The plan itself was easy to follow and only cost $5.  Here is our in-depth product review.



The Good

The plan was very easy to follow and a beginner could easily build this piece with Bob’s plan.  If you’re not familiar with pocket screws then I highly recommend investing in a Kreg pocket hole jig which can be had for only about $15 at the hardware store.  After watching a short video on YouTube (click here), you’ll be good to go.  I would also recommend having a cordless drill with at least TWO battery packs since I was continually charging them as I was drilling holes then driving screws.  There were over 100 pocket holes to drill in this project.

A plan like this lends itself to reusing a lot of scrap lumber laying around the shop.  For example, we were able to use up a lot of scrap 2x4s in this plan since they were not visible, and even if they were, who cares when it comes to a lumber rack?  You could also use up some of your 1/4″ plywood if you don’t mind piecing together the sides.

The price was definitely right.  We may have had to forego a fancy latte at Starbucks, but we gained an indispensable weapon in our wood shop arsenal.

The capacity in this lumber rack is tremendous.  There is space on one side for small scrap pieces, space in the center for long boards, space to one side for sheet goods, and space on the top for whatever else you can think of.

Could Be Better

The placement of some of the pocket holes prevented using the cordless drill and given that there are over 100 pocket holes in this plan, using a cordless drill as much as possible is critical. For those tight spots, we used a ratchet.  For example, I would have shown pocket holes on the top (vs the bottom) of the topmost short cross braces since those cross braces were going to be covered by plywood and would not be visible. It would have made construction even faster.

The strategy for the caster placement could be better.  I distributed them evenly across the bottom as shown in the plan, but once the rack was assembled see a sag in the center at each end.  Now I realize that is where most of the weight is.  I would have aligned three casters in a row along each of the short ends to accommodate the weight.  The rack moves just fine, but I may use a car jack to lift the rack off the floor and reposition a couple of the casters (or add two more).

Overall, I say buy this plan!

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