Goodbye Virginia Wood Shop…

Virginia Woodshop
Virginia Woodshop

Well, I can’t complain.  We had 2 great years in this house and Mrs Woodworker gave me half the garage for woodworking which then morphed into the whole garage (half a garage turned out to be plenty of space for most woodworking projects).  But, in order to be close to family we are heading West to the great state of Wisconsin which, rumor has it, has many wood shops.  We’ve been scouring the online realty sites and are hopeful we can slide right into another wood shop to continue the growth of Traughber Design.  Here are our requirements:

Absolutely Essential

Climate control.  I don’t mind bundling up for some period of time, but eventually standing on concrete (even on pads) eventually numbs the feet.  In addition, finishes take too long to dry and slow down production in cold weather.  Ideally, the shop would have a wood burning stove, but we’re open to other heating sources.

Amps!  The shop before this one (a basement) really struggled with the power tools because they were drawing too much current.  I’m thinking 20A should do the trick, but we’ll see what’s available.

Nice to Have

Large door that can open to the elements.  Some type of garage door might work for this, and I would really love to open up the shop when the weather is nice and roll the tools out the door to work outside in the fresh air and sunlight.  Given that Wisconsin’s winters are 11 months long, I’ll only get to enjoy the large door feature for 1 month, but it may be worth it.

A killer view.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to have large floor-to-ceiling windows to see the 10 foot high snowdrifts and deer?  That may be a bridge too far, but we’ll see what we can find.

If all else fails, we’ll build what we want, but that could take some time.  Using a pickaxe and shovel to dig up the frozen tundra is not for the fainthearted.

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2 thoughts on “Goodbye Virginia Wood Shop…”

  1. I absolutely love a good view while I work. When possible, I like to set up the laptop outside under some shade and do my work there.

    Maybe you can knock out the back of the garage and add some great windows.

    My last garage only had 20 amp, but the guy before me had run 3 outlets on separate circuits (2 GFCI and one non-GFCI for the beer fridge). It was great because the air compressor and the saws all had their own circuits.

    1. Agree with you 100% on the view.

      Looks like we’re pretty close to finalizing a deal on a place. I’m thinking the shop will go in a “second garage” in the back of the house. There’s plenty of space in there, but the home inspector recommended adding a sub panel just for the shop. Will have to see if the existing juice can run all the Festool.

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