The Devil Dragon Pilot Rockets to #1 on Amazon! Interview Update with Entrepreneur and Amazon Best Selling Author, Lawrence Colby

Interview with Amazon Best Selling Author Lawrence Colby, Author of The Devil Dragon Pilot
Interview with Author Lawrence Colby

Thank you for doing a follow up interview and congratulations on achieving Amazon Best Seller status!  Your book, The Devil Dragon Pilot, is now #1 in its category (Aviation) on Amazon.  That didn’t take very long, so your book must be very popular.  There was a lot of interest in the first interview and we received several follow up questions.  Here are some of the questions from our readers.

“I would enjoy hearing more about his writing process.  How did he keep motivated to get up at 4:00 am.?”

Getting up that early is relatively easy for me. I had a job at the Pentagon a few years ago where I had to be at work no later than 6 AM. I also had to read four or five newspapers every morning, scan all the news websites, and then be ready to intelligently discuss the world events with a senior Defense Department official. With no emails to answer, no one asking questions, I can crank out a lot in an hour or so in the morning. I also fit in marathon training, and just completed my eighth race. You’d be surprised what you can do.
“Did he ever deal with writer’s block?” 

Running helps me think through storylines. Sometimes I will use Dragon dictation, an app for my phone, and talk into it while I am driving. Plus, driving through Washington DC enables me to see the real world buildings, which link to the storylines. For example, I’ve visited Georgetown University this weekend, and now that’s in the next book titled “The Black Scorpion”. I find if I change the scenery, I don’t get writers block.

“How did he come up with his story?” 

The idea was brewing around in my head for a while because I couldn’t find anything that focused on someone in the Air Force Reserve. No movies, no books. Therefore, I created Ford Stevens, our hero pilot from Air Force Reserve.

“Has he always had an interest in writing?”
Yes, I have written and published a few military related articles in different professional military publications. This was my first attempt at a novel. I am an avid reader, reading both fiction and nonfiction, and always have been since a kid. Now on to novel number two!
(Jerry) I’ve got a few questions of my own.  What advice do you have for beginning entrepreneurs?

I like to try different things that perhaps people have not seen or done before. Sometimes I will connect a service or product from one industry, and connect it with another. I will see things in different countries across the world, and wonder if it would be a good idea in the United States.

The creative thinking aspect and entrepreneurial spirit really thrills me.  For example, I started my company Mach278 when I came up with an idea for colored surgical sponges. The sponges, if ever manufactured, would help solve the severe problem in medicine of preventing retained surgical items. The concept of colored surgical sponges is a cross between patient safety and aviation safety.
What is next as far as events for marketing the first book?

I’ve done a variety of print and web interviews, podcasts, and have had plenty of friends utilize social media. I also have an upcoming book signing at the Marine Corps exchange, Henderson Hall, Washington DC, on Dec 17th. There is also plan in the works to do book signings at Barnes and Noble stores in Northern Virginia.

Can you tell us anything about the second book and when it might be released?

Book 2 is titled “The Black Scorpion” and will feature many of the same characters from the book one. Ford Stevens, Emily Livingston, Mark Savona, and the rest of the crew will be back. It will be a story of human endurance and survival, related to aviation. Super exciting. It will be out summer 2017.

With all of your readers help, I am now ranked #1 on Amazon in Aviation.
Thank you for your time, Jerry. I appreciate your support very much.
Colby’s story is an amazing example of grit as we’ve written about previously.  Can you imagine?  His book was just released around Veterans Day and is already at or near the top in several categories on Amazon.  If he can do it, imagine what you can do?
If you’d like to check out the latest and greatest for Devil Dragon marketing events in your area, click on Colby’s blog here.


4 thoughts on “The Devil Dragon Pilot Rockets to #1 on Amazon! Interview Update with Entrepreneur and Amazon Best Selling Author, Lawrence Colby”

  1. That was som practical advice on how to reach your goals and overcoming some road blocks. What are some other things that hold people back from reaching their dreams?

    1. Tony Robbins says the primary reason is fear, and that’s a similar theme I’ve seen from many other entrepreneurs. Montaigne said his life had been full of many misfortunes, most of which never happened. I think he’s saying we can combat that fear, by realizing whatever it is we are fearing will most likely not happen and we should press on.

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